“Treasure” by Bruno Mars

15 Jun

Is it just me, or does it totally feel like Bruno Mars should’ve been born in the mid 60s- early 70s? A lot of his songs lately have sounded so “far out” and “groovy!” But for me, that’s a good thing. Bruno is using lots of real, raw instruments (as opposed to using synthesizers), which I think is pretty cool! My favorite song off of his new album, Onorthodox Jukebox, is Treasure. It both fits the description I was taking about before and it has many wonderful components of its own! Here’s my total review.
Out of 10 stars, 1 being “FIND THE ARTIST AND KILL HIM” and 10 being “I WANT TO MARRY THIS SONG,” ‘Treasure’ is a solid 13. There as absolutely nothing bad about it. Honest-to-goodness, no cliche word choices, no annoying ness in the sound, no stupid lyrics, no nothing. What it is full of, though, is a cool beat, good vibes, and the sense that you’re living in the 70s. Whoa. Any song like that, for me at least, is pretty awesome.
So guys, that was what I thought about “Treasure.” How do you feel about it? Do you agree or disagree with my viewpoints? Leave me a comment below saying what you think. 🙂
Adios, amigos!


2 Responses to ““Treasure” by Bruno Mars”

  1. vanderzeef June 15, 2013 at 1:51 pm #

    I haven’t heard this song yet, but now I really want to!

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