A Not So Victorious Debut

21 Jun


As some of you may know, Victoria Justice has been in the process of making her first solo album! ( She played Tori Vega on Victorious, for those of you who don’t know ) After what seemed like forever, she has finally released her first single (which contains a sing and a B-side). It’s called “Gold” and It includes “Gold” and “Shake.” And to be honest, if I were her, I would have called the single “Silver”… or “Bronze”… Or even “Tinfoil”… (well just kidding about the tinfoil one though😝) Here’s why…

“Gold” is your typical I-have-everything-you-will-ever-need-so-come-a-little-closer song, in which Victoria sings about how she is ‘gold’ ( hence the name ) and how her dream guy would be perfect for her. Well. What more can I say. It’s so cliche and the instrument aspect is really boring, too… This is such a let down track. Sorry, Vic!

Unfortunately, “Shake” isn’t that much different. It’s actually quite strange at some points, for example- persuading listeners to ‘shake what their momma gave them’ even if they’re in the supermarket, if they’re six or sixty, or if they’re rich or ‘thrifty.’ The song actually sounds a lot like “Gold,” too… Another frownyface find. 😦

This single was a big letdown for me, and I hope the rest of her album (out late summer-early fall) is different. Victoria has such an astounding talent, and it’d be a shame to let it all go to waste.

Let me know your opinions about the single in the comment box, and take the poll to express your thoughts on her latest songs!

Bye for now,



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