I am in musical heaven right now.

23 Jun

One of the best ways to find new music, I have found, is to go to a dance recital or to watch dance routines online. Not only are the songs almost always amazing, but they are also almost never popular songs. This is great because it’s an easy way to listen to new music that you never would have heard any other way!

After following this method above, I am happy to say that I ha e found some new tunes that I am absolutely in love with. Here they are!

(note: some songs may have explicit forms, so if you re interested in looking them up, keep that in mind. most have clean versions as well.)

#1: Roadrunner by M.I.A.
#2: Victim by The Golden Palominos
#3: Suitcase by Emeli Sandé
#4: I Who Have Nothing by Haley Reinhart
#5: One Night in Bangkok (Vinylshakerz Screen Cut) by Vinylshakerz
#6: Internet Friends (clean version) by Knife Party
#7: In The Sea by Ingrid Michaelson
#8: Heavy in your Arms by Florence + The Machine
#9: Ride (edited version) by The Golden Palominos

So if you want some new songs, feel free to look these up! And remember the trick- dance recitals or competitions are always jam packed with awesome music.

See ya guys later!



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