10 Artists to Watch

25 Jun

In the music industry, there are so many talented artists… But there are even more auto-tuned, only-famous-because-I’m-rich musical wannabes. Unfortunately, the latter of the two has a large population that is slowly taking over the music world! Oh no! Somebody save us!

But wait! Look up in the sky! Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s…

drumroll please


The 10 artists I’m going to list below aren’t your average musicians… They’re the diamonds in the rough, just waitingtobediscovered. So sit back, relax,and look them up on iTunes or on google as soon as you’re finished reading! 🙂


1) Lana Del Rey
You may know her from: “Young And Beautiful”
Albums: “Born To Die” and “Paradise”


2) Marina & The Diamonds
You may know them from: “How To Be A Heartbreaker” and “Oh No!”
Albums: “Family Jewels” and “Electra Heart”


3) Kerli
You may know her from: “Walking On Air”
Albums: “Love Is Dead” and “Utopia”


4) Lindsey Stirling
You may know her from: “Crystallize”
Album: “Lindsey Stirling”


5) Emeli Sandé
You may know her from: “Next To Me”
Album: “Our Version Of Events”


6) Sara Bareilles
You may know her from: “Love Song”
Albums and EPs: “Careful Confessions” , “Little Voice” , “Kaleidescope Heart”, “Once Upon Another Time” , and “The Blessed Unrest”


You may know him from: “Lollipop” , “Grace Kelly” , “Popular Song”
Albums: “Life In Cartoon Motion” , “The Boy Who Knew Too Much” , and “The Origin Of Love”


8) Elizaveta
You may know her from: “Meant”
Album: “Beatrix Runs”


9) Lorde
You may know her from: “Royals”
EP: “The Love Club”


10) Bridgit Mendler
You may know her from: “Ready or Not”
Album: “Hello My Name Is…”

So remember!: if you ever have a burning desire for a new artist to latch yourself onto, you are always welcome to refer to this list. Although these are mainly pop artists, I will post other artists to watch for different genres soon.

Thank you for reading! Happy listening!



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