1 Jul

One of my all time favorite feelings in the entire history if this great big universe is when I copied a song on iTunes that I love…
And it’s FREE!
If you don’t like that experience, I would kindly suggest visiting a trusted doctor.
No just kidding about the doctor, but I’m serious when I say that iTunes’ “Free Single Of The Week” pretty much changed my musical perspectives. I, as a huge bargain hunter, will take any free music I can get my paws on, whether it’s a popular chart topper or an unknown indie song. Because of this,I’ve been exposed to many different types of music, like alternative, electronic, classical, singer/songwriter, indie rock, and many more.
But the best part about it is that…
Each single is FREEEE!!!
In this picture, you can see all of the wonderful free songs I’ve downloaded… So far! 🙂
But there’s one last secret…
Even though the FSOTW can easily be seen on the iTunes front page, sometimes, there is ANOTHER free song, hiding in the depths of iTunes, just waiting to be discovered! But how, you ask, can you find it?
At the bottom of them tunes home page,there are several “buttons” that you can click on, one of which reading “Free on iTunes.” Click on it, and you can see every single free thing on iTunes! Here’s what it looks like:
Sometimes, like this week, there is an additional song that is also free! It’s a wonderful way to get as much music as you can, without spending a dime.
I hope you found this tip helpful! Go on iTunes now and see if you can buy anything for free!
Musically yours,


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