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20 Aug


Since about March, when “Youth” was the free single of the week, I’ve been obsessed with Daughter- an insanely talented band consisting of a lead singer with an enchanting and haunting voice, and two musicians whose music gives off a mysterious yet welcoming vibe. They have several EPs and one album- “If You Leave”. If you haven’t already, listen to the wonderous music by the one and only, Daughter!

Musically yours -Maddie


American Girl by Bonnie McKee

8 Aug

American Girl by Bonnie McKee

Bonnie McKee’s new single is sure to be the next big summer song. With a voice somewhat like Ke$ha’s and very funny (but true) lyrics, it may be one of my personal favorite pop songs from this summer! Check it out if you need a fresh, new, upbeat song to jam to this summer.

Musically yours,