About Moi :D


My name is Madeline, but I also go by Maddie. As you can tell, I love music! Anything to do with it- playing instruments, writing songs, memorizing lyrics, humming tunes unconsciously… I just love it all. And luckily for me, I’m pretty much always surrounded by it… As a swimmer, I am constantly singing songs in my head to help me stay at a good pace. In the dance studio, I do nothing but move to a bunch of amazing tunes. At home, music is always echoing through the house… Everywhere I go, music is with me. 😊

I’m not a stereotypical type, though- who only likes music if it’s made by a British boyband or girlgroup. Although they may create wonderful sounds, I love to expand myself to listening to many different music selections. I love music of all kinds; pop, rock, hip hop, country, indie, singer/songwriter, rap, classical, world, or any other type! (alternative being my favorite)

As any true music lover would know, one does not simply have one favorite song, one favorite artist, one favorite album, etc. Music is all about finding many different options that bring out emotion from the heart. So many songs have done this for me, and I hope that you can say the same about yourself.

So that’s a bit about me! I hope you enjoy this blog, and see y’all later!

Musically yours,



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