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Stars Dance

24 Jul


Selena Gomez’s new album , Stars Dance, has many pros and many cons.
The music, instrumentally speaking, was very big and fun. All electronic, may I add. The lyrics had no emotional depth, which bugged me very much. After all, one can only listening to a 21 year old pop star sing about being able to do anything and everything for her boyfriend, including making the stars dance and lighting up the moon, ya know?
Aside from the disappointing lack of meaning, this album performs its main task well- to make you want to get up and dance. The incredible instrumental section of “Forget Forever” makes up for the non-existing emotion on the rest of the album.
Personally, I think her last three albums were better than this one by 10000000 times- “Kiss & Tell”, “A Year Without Rain”, and “When The Sun Goes Down” were all magnetic collections of outstanding instrumental sections, beautiful vocals, and captivating lyrics. “Stars Dance”? Not so much.
It’s disappointing, though, because I am such a fan of Selena, and was hoping for this album to be a smash it. Maybe she’ll redeem herself on a future record.

Well, I’ll see ya guys soon, and I hope you like this album a little bit more than I did!

Musically yours,




19 Jun

I’ll be honest, sometimes, there’s music that even I don’t like, and that music is rapping-where-every-other-word-is-a-swear. Not that it’s bad music or anything, but it gets SO ANNOYING after a while… Like, get a thesaurus if you need to find a better word, dude!

The reason I just went into that mini rant is because: on iTunes yesterday, I went on and was ATTACKED by THREE NEW ANNOYINGLY CURSEFUL RAP ALBUMS!

They were as followed: “Yeezus” by Kanye West (uck.) , “Watching Movies With The Sound Off” by Mac Miller, and “Born Sinner” by J Cole. Here are three teensy weeny itty bitty reviews for each. 🙂

Yeezus- okay Kanye needs to stop. He’s not some great god from up above; barely anybody can name five of his songs, and everyone knows he’s just downright disrespectful. And then he goes along and names his album YEEZUS?!?! ( for those who don’t know, Yeezus is a mix between Jesus and Yeezy, which is Kanye’s nickname ) I don’t know. It’s just stupid.

WMWTSO- well I don’t really know that much about Mac, but I did hear/see him perform with Ariana Grande in her song and video, “The Way.” The cover if this album, actually, is kinda strange… Him sitting naked at a dinning room table with a bright red background… Whaaaat? Haha well anyway.

Born Sinner- excuse me while into barf my brains out.

*vommits violently several times due to horridity of this album*
Okay guys I’m back.
Let me warn you all now: Born Sinner is just another one of those stupid albums that only brags about how bleeping awesome it is to be bleeping chilling by the bleeping pool with all my bleep de bleepidy homies. Ya no. I don’t think so. Just listen to the song “Miss America” and you’ll see what I mean. And I’m sorry to you, J Cole, for my honest opinion. But hey, it’s the truth.

Well, that’s that about that! Lemme know your opinions in the comment box.

See ya bleeping later, mah bleepidy bleep deep homies!

( that last comment would sound really weird if you didn’t read the Born Sinner part… :_: )

Musically yours,

-Maddie 😋


12 Jun

image It’s one thing to find a song that you are in LURV with, but it’s another to find the most amazingly perfectly genuinely the-best collection of songs, aka, an album! Today I’ll be reviewing a CD that I believe to be near perfection: Born To Die: The Paradise Edition by Lana Del Rey!
Okay guys, if you’ve never been privelaged enough to hear Lana Del Rey’s music, you don’t know what you’re missing. Her voice is so unique, her music so dark and cinematic… I mean, could it get any better? 🙂
This album is actually a collection of her two previous albums, Born To Die and Paradise. Some songs that I personally love from the album are Diet Mountain Dew, Yayo, This Is What Makes Us Girls, American, and Dark Paradise. However, all of the songs are amazeballs- and I’m not even exaggerating the slightest bit. 🙂
So, if it wasn’t clear from the first two paragraphs, you definietly need to buy this album. Comment if you did, which songs you like, what you think of the album, etc.!
Hope you like it! 🙂