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“From Nowhere” by the Amazing Dan Croll!

6 Oct


Hey guys! Sorry I haven’t posted in a while, I’ve been super busy with school starting up again. But boy, have I got a treat for you today! I have recently fell head over heels in love with “From Nowhere” by Dan Croll. It is literally such an awesome song… And the funny thing is, whenever I listen to it, I am reminded strangely of pineapples. ( ?!!??!?! ) It’s an alternative track (YAY for alternative!!), and it has a bit of rock infused with a tint of calypso-y instruments. When mixed together, those ingredients made a delicious, From-Nowhere Pie. (That was me trying to be clever, I’m not sure how well that worked out.) Anyway: here are the lyrics from this amazing track. Now I’ll be honest with you, the best part of the song is the music I my opinion,so if you’re not satisfied with the lyrics, don’t automatically forget about this song because it is truly great!

Every now and then I fall
Every now and then I lose control
In your eyes I see your thoughts surrounding me
And I’ve a little bit of thought for you

Cause every now and then I fall a bit behind
Every time I stare into your eyes

Your thrills I find
It’s not hard to be left behind
So I’ll run, you’ll hide
We know better than to stay outside

You’re cold and your awake
You said I should have never of stayed
But there’s no better place for me

Cause every now and then I fall a bit behind
Every time I stare into your eyes

Well guys, that’s that for now! I hope you all will check out this tune, it’s just purely spectacular. Have an awesome day and happy listening!
Musically yours,



20 Aug


Since about March, when “Youth” was the free single of the week, I’ve been obsessed with Daughter- an insanely talented band consisting of a lead singer with an enchanting and haunting voice, and two musicians whose music gives off a mysterious yet welcoming vibe. They have several EPs and one album- “If You Leave”. If you haven’t already, listen to the wonderous music by the one and only, Daughter!

Musically yours -Maddie

Crickets (aka my unexpected new favorite song) <<<3333

31 Jul


Ever since, I don’t know, maybe April?, I’ve had Drop City Yacht Club’s (I know, long name) song “Crickets” on my iPad’s music library. However, it wasn’t til about a month ago that I actually listened to it… And all I can say is that it was one of the best actions I’ve made in a while!

Now, I’m not usually one for rap tunes, but I’ll make an exception for this song. It is so fresh and fun, bright yet chill, and just gives off a really cool vibe. (I know, I sound like a hippie. 😜) Definitely one of my favorite rap songs, if not my absolute favorite!

I found this song on iTunes’s “Free Single of the Week” a few months ago. Just another example of why taking advantage if FSOTW is so beneficial!

(Speaking of FSOTW, this week’s one is really funky and dance-y, too- it’s called “The Way We Are” by Kate Boy. Check it out while it’s free!)

Tell me what your favorite song(s) is/are! I want to know! 😉

Musically yours,


Stars Dance

24 Jul


Selena Gomez’s new album , Stars Dance, has many pros and many cons.
The music, instrumentally speaking, was very big and fun. All electronic, may I add. The lyrics had no emotional depth, which bugged me very much. After all, one can only listening to a 21 year old pop star sing about being able to do anything and everything for her boyfriend, including making the stars dance and lighting up the moon, ya know?
Aside from the disappointing lack of meaning, this album performs its main task well- to make you want to get up and dance. The incredible instrumental section of “Forget Forever” makes up for the non-existing emotion on the rest of the album.
Personally, I think her last three albums were better than this one by 10000000 times- “Kiss & Tell”, “A Year Without Rain”, and “When The Sun Goes Down” were all magnetic collections of outstanding instrumental sections, beautiful vocals, and captivating lyrics. “Stars Dance”? Not so much.
It’s disappointing, though, because I am such a fan of Selena, and was hoping for this album to be a smash it. Maybe she’ll redeem herself on a future record.

Well, I’ll see ya guys soon, and I hope you like this album a little bit more than I did!

Musically yours,


The Queen Makes Her Comeback

2 Jul


After being busy as a mommy with her baby girl, Blue Ivy, for the past two years, Queen Bey is back in business! Several new songs of hers have recently been leaked on the Internet, such as “Grown Woman” (which was in her Pepsi commercial), “Standing On The Sun” (for her H&M campaign) and “Rise” (co-written with Sia for B’s movie, ‘Epic’). Her new album is scheduled to be released later this year. YAY 🙂

I’ve noticed a common thread throughout her newer songs, though, that’s really pleasing to hear- Beyoncé is sticking to her roots, making fiery tunes that could’ve been yanked right from the islands, for all we know! They’re great songs and I highly recommend them to anyone looking for something good to dance to. 🙂

Comment what you think about Mrs. Carter’s new tunes!

Musically yours,


Fourth of July Playlist Ideas

2 Jul

Marina Diamandis, lead singer of Marina & The Diamonds, sings #2 on this playlist

With our American Independence Day coming up in just two days, some of you may be hosting parties, helping plan them or attending them, watching fireworks, or just staying at home. But no matter what you’ll be doing this FOJ, chances are, there will be music playing to enhance the festivities! Here’s a sample playlist of some upbeat jams that’ll keep you groovin’ all night long. 🙂

1) Firework by Katy Perry

2) How To Be A Heartbreaker by Marina & The Diamonds

3) I Love It by Icona Pop ft. Charli xcx

4) Come & Get It by Selena Gomez

5) We Can’t Stop by Miley Cyrus

6) Glowing by Nikki Williams

7) Let It Go by Dragonette

8) Blow Me One Last Kiss by P!nk

9) Left Too Late by Florrie

10) Treasure by Bruno Mars

11) Live A Little by Florrie

12) Live Your Life by MIKA

13) Made in the USA by Demi Lovato

14) Neon Lights by Demi Lovato

15) Really Don’t Care by Demi Lovato ft. Cher Lloyd

16) Slow Down by Selena Gomez

17) Crank It Up by David Guetta & Akon

18) Power by Kat Graham

Whatever you’re doing this FOJ, make it a great day filled with family, friends, and if course, FREEDOM!

See y’all around!

Musically yours,


I am in musical heaven right now.

23 Jun

One of the best ways to find new music, I have found, is to go to a dance recital or to watch dance routines online. Not only are the songs almost always amazing, but they are also almost never popular songs. This is great because it’s an easy way to listen to new music that you never would have heard any other way!

After following this method above, I am happy to say that I ha e found some new tunes that I am absolutely in love with. Here they are!

(note: some songs may have explicit forms, so if you re interested in looking them up, keep that in mind. most have clean versions as well.)

#1: Roadrunner by M.I.A.
#2: Victim by The Golden Palominos
#3: Suitcase by Emeli Sandé
#4: I Who Have Nothing by Haley Reinhart
#5: One Night in Bangkok (Vinylshakerz Screen Cut) by Vinylshakerz
#6: Internet Friends (clean version) by Knife Party
#7: In The Sea by Ingrid Michaelson
#8: Heavy in your Arms by Florence + The Machine
#9: Ride (edited version) by The Golden Palominos

So if you want some new songs, feel free to look these up! And remember the trick- dance recitals or competitions are always jam packed with awesome music.

See ya guys later!