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Crickets (aka my unexpected new favorite song) <<<3333

31 Jul


Ever since, I don’t know, maybe April?, I’ve had Drop City Yacht Club’s (I know, long name) song “Crickets” on my iPad’s music library. However, it wasn’t til about a month ago that I actually listened to it… And all I can say is that it was one of the best actions I’ve made in a while!

Now, I’m not usually one for rap tunes, but I’ll make an exception for this song. It is so fresh and fun, bright yet chill, and just gives off a really cool vibe. (I know, I sound like a hippie. 😜) Definitely one of my favorite rap songs, if not my absolute favorite!

I found this song on iTunes’s “Free Single of the Week” a few months ago. Just another example of why taking advantage if FSOTW is so beneficial!

(Speaking of FSOTW, this week’s one is really funky and dance-y, too- it’s called “The Way We Are” by Kate Boy. Check it out while it’s free!)

Tell me what your favorite song(s) is/are! I want to know! 😉

Musically yours,




19 Jun

I’ll be honest, sometimes, there’s music that even I don’t like, and that music is rapping-where-every-other-word-is-a-swear. Not that it’s bad music or anything, but it gets SO ANNOYING after a while… Like, get a thesaurus if you need to find a better word, dude!

The reason I just went into that mini rant is because: on iTunes yesterday, I went on and was ATTACKED by THREE NEW ANNOYINGLY CURSEFUL RAP ALBUMS!

They were as followed: “Yeezus” by Kanye West (uck.) , “Watching Movies With The Sound Off” by Mac Miller, and “Born Sinner” by J Cole. Here are three teensy weeny itty bitty reviews for each. 🙂

Yeezus- okay Kanye needs to stop. He’s not some great god from up above; barely anybody can name five of his songs, and everyone knows he’s just downright disrespectful. And then he goes along and names his album YEEZUS?!?! ( for those who don’t know, Yeezus is a mix between Jesus and Yeezy, which is Kanye’s nickname ) I don’t know. It’s just stupid.

WMWTSO- well I don’t really know that much about Mac, but I did hear/see him perform with Ariana Grande in her song and video, “The Way.” The cover if this album, actually, is kinda strange… Him sitting naked at a dinning room table with a bright red background… Whaaaat? Haha well anyway.

Born Sinner- excuse me while into barf my brains out.

*vommits violently several times due to horridity of this album*
Okay guys I’m back.
Let me warn you all now: Born Sinner is just another one of those stupid albums that only brags about how bleeping awesome it is to be bleeping chilling by the bleeping pool with all my bleep de bleepidy homies. Ya no. I don’t think so. Just listen to the song “Miss America” and you’ll see what I mean. And I’m sorry to you, J Cole, for my honest opinion. But hey, it’s the truth.

Well, that’s that about that! Lemme know your opinions in the comment box.

See ya bleeping later, mah bleepidy bleep deep homies!

( that last comment would sound really weird if you didn’t read the Born Sinner part… :_: )

Musically yours,

-Maddie 😋