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Stars Dance

24 Jul


Selena Gomez’s new album , Stars Dance, has many pros and many cons.
The music, instrumentally speaking, was very big and fun. All electronic, may I add. The lyrics had no emotional depth, which bugged me very much. After all, one can only listening to a 21 year old pop star sing about being able to do anything and everything for her boyfriend, including making the stars dance and lighting up the moon, ya know?
Aside from the disappointing lack of meaning, this album performs its main task well- to make you want to get up and dance. The incredible instrumental section of “Forget Forever” makes up for the non-existing emotion on the rest of the album.
Personally, I think her last three albums were better than this one by 10000000 times- “Kiss & Tell”, “A Year Without Rain”, and “When The Sun Goes Down” were all magnetic collections of outstanding instrumental sections, beautiful vocals, and captivating lyrics. “Stars Dance”? Not so much.
It’s disappointing, though, because I am such a fan of Selena, and was hoping for this album to be a smash it. Maybe she’ll redeem herself on a future record.

Well, I’ll see ya guys soon, and I hope you like this album a little bit more than I did!

Musically yours,



Scorcher Summer Sounds 2013!

11 Jun

Scorcher Summer Sounds 2013!

Whoever wrote that Christmas song “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year” has obviously never been on summer vacation! This summer will sure to be one filled with sun, sand, family, friends, and, of course… Music!
One summer album that I’m particularly looking forward to hearing is “Stars Dance” by Selena Gomez. It’s too singles are SO. DARN. CATCHY.!! Not in the annoyingly-catchy way, but in the ‘I-love-this-and-I-never-want-it-to-stop-playing’ way. 😋 ( you can get ‘Come & Get It’ and ‘Slow Down’ on iTunes now! )
But albums aren’t the only thing summer 2013 has in store… Plenty of bands are going to be on tour during June, July, and/or August! You can see P!nk, Justin Timberlake, Big Time Rush, and more this summer, so be sure to check out their concert dates if you like them. 😊
Anyway, those are just a few summer music features that I’m looking forward to. Feel free to leave what you’re excited for this summer in the comments section!
Bye guys! 🙂